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Hello. My name is Cait and I’m the translator and archivist here. Welcome to Sailor Moon Tweet Beat, a site devoted to translations of the social media postings of the cast and creators of the new Sailor Moon Crystal anime and Sailor Moon musicals.

This site will be updated as often as possible. I am gainfully employed, however, and these updates might be sporadic. All posts are timed and dated to the original tweet or blog post and as such the most recent updates and additions will not necessarily appear on the top of the main page. This site is intended to exist as a searchable archive, sorted by topics, celebrities, and accounts. As current tweets and blog posts wax and wane in frequency, I will begin to go back in time and translate older content.

Feel free to comment and share the best tidbits, but please link back here so I can see, too!

As usual, check the Wild Mushroomland main page for scanned print media and personal photographs.




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